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First Appearance

Being the general of the saiyan army he was in charge of the protection and teaching of King Vegeta's son, Prince Vegeta. Later when Prince Vegeta's power exceeded his own, Nappa became Vegeta's right hand man. Where ever Vegeta went Nappa was with him. When another saiyan, Raditz, was killed on Earth Nappa and Vegeta went to Earth looking for the Dragonballs. It took them one year to reach Earth. When they got to Earth Nappa destroyed a city and Earth's Z-Fighters engaged them in battle. Yamcha, Tien, Chiautzu,and Piccolo where easily killed. Goku showed up before Nappa could kill the rest. Nappa was no match for Goku. Lying on the ground,beaten and humiliated, Nappa asked for Vegeta's help. Vegeta grabbed Nappa and threw him into the air and shot him with a blast that ended Nappa's life.


In GT, during when Super Android 17 appeared, a large hole was created between Earth and Hell (which contains all the past villains from the previous sagas. Nappa came back to earth and destroyed a city (like last time) and then Vegeta arrived to Nappa. Nappa made an attempted to attack Vegeta, but Vegeta once again blasted Nappa away like last time.

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