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Naomi Carter is a Cherokee by birth, but she studied in English school. Her multi-language skill, offered her a job in translation. She met Perry Carter through Carter Hall and Shiera Hall. She fell in love with this man and married him. Later he turned out to be one of the Thanagarians, and his real name was Paran Katar. Naomi went with him to the alien planet, where she was introduced as one of the Thanagarians. She didn't like the lie, but she knew she wouldn't be accepted otherwise. Her husband was made a chief scientist on Thanagar. She however didn't like there, she saw lot of racism and oppression. When she got pregnant she wanted to return to earth, as she would not raise her kid in such a world; her husband agreed. She had a son, and that changed her husband's mind. Naomi was sent home to Earth, crying as her son was taken from her. Paran lied to their son, that she had died in childbirth. She returned to her people and learned to be a medicine woman and a teacher of lore. One day she read from the papers that a Thanagarian has come to Earth by the name of Katar Hol. That man was her son. Days later Carter Hall brought the wounded Thanagarian to Naomi. She healed him and taught him Cherokee customs.

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