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Ruhenheim, a peaceful, quiet town, has been turned into a war zone. What is the "perfect suicide" that Johan is planning? Can Lunge and Grimmer stem the flow of violence? What will happen when Tenma and Nina finally confront Johan? At last, the full truth about the monster's birth is about to be revealed!

How does a living, breathing human being become a fabrication? Simple: they eliminate everyone that knows of them or their past. One man attempted to do just that. He attempted to commit the perfect suicide but failed to wipe the slate totally clean. Now that same man, the nameless monster, is no longer a fabrication.

Chapter Titles

  • Monster Chronicle
  • Chapter 1: A Fabrication
  • Chapter 2: The End of the Vacation
  • Chapter 3: Grimmer's Cry
  • Chapter 4: The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner
  • Chapter 5: A Nameless Man
  • Chapter 6: Pictures That Can't Be Drawn
  • Chapter 7: Don't Cry
  • Chapter 8: Scenery For A Doomsday
  • Chapter 9: Those With Their Lives
  • Chapter 10: Tomorrow Will Come
  • Final Chapter: The Real Monster







Story Arcs

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