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Nanabozho is a Cheyenne god that resurfaced with two other pantheon members named Calumet and Hotamitanio to seek revenge and vengeance on the white man. Red Wolf discovered the Cheyenne pantheon's slaughter of some white men and the native gods asked if he would join their cause and fight for them. Red Wolf refused and a vision was forced upon him where he endured four hundred years of suffering, pain and agony of his people. The Black Crow woke up in pain and realized his spirit brother was in need. Black Crow transformed into bird form and seek the aid of Doctor Strange. They travel to Phoenix and realized that the Cheyenne Indian Pantheon was seeking revenge. Black Crow would trace Red Wolf's path back to his personal roots while Dr. Strange probed the corpses to gain some insight into the methods and madness of the native gods. Dr. Strange was suddenly transported to the Cheyenne spiritual plane where Nanabozho and his pantheon members held Red Wolf and the wolf god, Owayodata captive. Dr. Strange fought the three gods but his Shield of Seraphim was buckling from their prolonged attack. Red Wolf broke free and came to the aid of Dr. Strange. Black Crow came to the murder scene and cleansed the area's negative energy which provided Dr. Strange a surge of energy. Nanabozho had fallen from a mystic blast and Dr. Strange freed Owayodata from his bindings. The two united together to overcome the assault. Owayodata told Nanabozho and his pantheon members that vengeance was not justice and they have forgotten what it meant to be Cheyenne. Dr. Strange used the Light of Agamotto which forced the Cheyenne pantheon to confront the shame of their actions.


Nanabozho is a character from native american mythology.

Powers & Abilities

Nanabozho is a Cheyenne god with vast powers and possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Nanabozho can also emit a mystic fire from his mouth for range attacks.

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