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Anyone have scans of her after her return, also does anything she will stay in the main Marvel Universe, I for one wouldn't mind seening her?

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Well, she was in Nova #26 for a little bit.
Then she appeared in The Thanos Imperative #1 trying to fight off some cheap knock-off of that creature from that Treat Williams movie Deep Rising and then, albeit briefly, aided in the fight against The Revengers that is, until "The Iron Knight" realized that she had an anomalous energy signature and had kidnapped her. The reason for this being is that their mission is to find ANYONE who has an anomalous energy signature and bring them back to The Eternal Sin so that Lord Mar-Vell and Vaughn can inspect each individual and eventually find out which one is Death's Avatar so that they can preform the Necropsy Ritual and rid Earth-616 of Death. 
I don't think Lord Mar-Vell will kill her once he realizes that she is not who they are looking for as he is a hardcore Pro-Life advocate/supporter/lover (and by that I mean he supports having evil Many-Angled Lovecraftian Gods destroy Death and turn all forms of life into sentient cancer) and before anyone says anything about how mercilessly he killed Adam Magus, he only did it because Magus didn't do as he was told and probably because Lord Mar-Vell wanted to see what it was like to actually kill someone again as to him Death is a "confounding novelty that, albeit briefly, has amused him with its unfamiliarity".
But...he's apparently not amused by it anymore and wants Death dead really badly, so the worst possible thing that could happen is that he turns Namorita into one of them but that can be easily rectified, even if she undergoes a complete transmogrification. Oh and here are some scans of Nita punching a tentacle, pwning "Ms. Dominatrix" in the face and getting kidnapped thus igniting what I presume will be a Bleach-esque Thanos Imperative subplot that involves a lot of Lord Mar-Vell pontificating about how cool The Many-Angled Ones are, lots of epic battles against each individual member of The Revengers and Nova getting uber-powerful.
Oh...and so far there is nothing stating whether she will remain in 2010 or will have to go back to her own time period. I, for one, hope she stays in 2010 and becomes a member of The Nova Corps! Now...onto the scans!

 It's the monster from Deep Rising! First a Star Destroyer and now him? I love cameos.

There is a disturbance in the Force, grab her!

Oh noes! Now Nova is going to have to really man up, act (and get really, really powerful) like Ichigo from Bleach and save his beloved Nita from the clutches of The Undying Lord Mar-Vell!
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@The Gray Fox: Aw, now I kinda don't wanna read this series...

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