Who Is Namor & Where Can I Get More?

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I just finished reading the Utopia TPB and I couldn't get enough Namor! 
I think he and his people are very interesting. What trades would someone 
suggest that tells about Namor and his people? When did Atlantis get destroyed? 
How did it get destroyed? What should i read to have a good background on him?
I am going to pick up "Namor: The First Mutant" when it comes out, but i would love
to have some background on him first.

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@BuddyBulson:   Namor destroyed Atlantis himself when Tony Stark and SHIELD tried to blockade the city and impose observers during the Initiative.  I could tell you more about it if you'd like, but it's actually an interesting read in trade paperback:  SUB-MARINER REVOLUTION.  I disagreed with a few things in the book, but most folks seem to enjoy it.  Plus, there's stuff happening with the Atlanteans, also.
My recommendations would depend on what you liked about Namor in Utopia.  Over his 70 year history, there have been slight variations to the character.  Silver Age Namor would never do what Namor did in Sub-Mariner Revolution, IMO.  If you liked the snark and arrogance, and enjoy a funny book, then DEFENDERS INDEFENSIBLE is great.  Silver Age probably has the most Atlanteans stuff in it, but they, like Namor are different from how they are portrayed in Utopia.
There's an 8 page recap of Namor's life in the back of Namor the First Mutant.  You could read that before reading the story, if you'd like, but it doesn't have much to do with the story.  I usually recommend the 12 issue mini-series The Saga of the Sub-Mariner, which is Namor himself recounting his life, right up to his 1990s John Byrne run.  Half of it deals with the Golden Age, however.
In my Countdown to Namor the First Mutant, I posted a list of Namor related books... around Day 10, I think.
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@Rheged: What did you disagree with. 
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2)  The Namor in this book was far more ruthless and kill happy than I am used to.
3)  SHIELD's armada was just ridiculous and should have been totally a non-issue.  Invading the deep oceans is like invading space, but worse, since you have to deal with crushing pressures.  If SHIELD has a space fleet of that many vessels, why the heck do we, or any country, bother with a navy?  The Atlanteans have always had superior technology, which is why they've always been a threat, and ticking Namor off was never a good idea -- so I can't see SHIELD's armada or demands being met with anything but laughter.
4)  I also thought destroying Atlantis seemed to be an editorial mandate or authorial contrivance -- to once again get Namor above the waves.  I really have a hard time believing the Atlanteans would go along with it.  Now, I do admit, the last page was an incredible payoff and had Marvel done anything with that,
5)  For the most part, I liked Briones art ... but every once in a while, he made Namor look like a Bull Terrier.  O_O
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@Rheged: I see what you mean and I agree. 
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Well, overall, I did like the mini-series.  It's what got be back into comics again.  There were some great scenes in it.  Like that two page spread where Namor barreled into Iron Man underwater.   O_O

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