Namor Gets an Annual! Asmus, Captain America, and the X-Men!

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Both CBR and Newsarama have nice long interviews with James Asmus who is a writing a three annual crossover called Escape From the Negative Zone.  The story will play out in an Uncanny X-Men Annual, a Steve Rogers Super Soldier Annual, and a Namor the First Mutant Annual!  I was thrilled to hear Namor is getting an annual, but then I read the premise of the story:
In the opening scenes of "Escape From the Negative Zone" Cyclops, Namor, Hope, and Doctor Nemesis are mysteriously pulled into the Negative Zone and the other X-Men aren't able to mount a rescue mission of their own so they turn to the man in charge of the "Heroic Age" of the Marvel Universe, Steve Rogers, for help.  
Yes!  We'll finally get to see modern Captain America and Namor working together again and in a Namor dedicated book!  I can't wait till March to see this.  Anyone else think this is going to be awesome?

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i'm excited
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Finally got some info on Namor's annual in this event in the solicitations released today, including the all important artist ... who I've never heard of. :(   Also not sure WHAT is going on with Namor's ankle wings on these covers???  I'm hoping he's not going to get mutilated, again.

Namor: The First Mutant Annual #1
Written by JAMES ASMUS
Penciled by MAX FIUMARA
“Escape from the Negative Zone”
The Annual Event of 2011 comes to a conclusion! The X-Men! Steve Rogers! The Negative Zone! Blastaar is after our heroes, but what if we told you he wasn’t their biggest problem? What if we told you that the lack of water and bizarre physics of the Negative Zone had driven Namor crazy. What if we told you he was so crazy that he’s destroying everything in his path, even his friends? THE ANSWER IS THAT YOU WOULD BUY THIS BOOK!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 
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I wonder why it took them so long to solicit this?  A May release is 7 months after it was first announced. 

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@xerox-kitty:   I was wondering the same.  Maybe it had something to do with the artist.  IIRC, Asmus said in those announcements that they were trying to get someone he'd been a fan of for 10 years, but I'm not familiar with this artist and his previous commitments.
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Hi all


As already know Max Fiumara is the penciler on the book. If your familiar with some of his work on Spiderman you'll enjoy a similar approach ( ink and wash). I had the good fortune to work on this book written by James and ink over Max .  I hope you  all get a chance to check it out  in a few weeks and enjoy. Look forward to hearing what you all think. Thanks all and take care.




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@nlee:  Welcome!  Thanks for dropping by with the information on the art.  Sadly, I'm not familiar with Mr. Fiumara's work and I don't read Spidey. :(  Nevertheless, I'm a rabid Namor fan and will be picking up the issue.  I'm just hoping Namor doesn't spend most the issue crazy.

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