For Rheged and all the other Namor-centrics out there. . .

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I did see that at the appropriate time, Valentines.  And it is FABULOUS!  The perfect answer for all his ankle wing haters.  And so much wonderful pithy advice.  Like: 

The ladies will help you find new pants, and in time, help you out of them.
Because that is a visual metaphor.
LOL!  I sincerely hope there will be more advice from Namor forthcoming.

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Oh Namor is there anything you can't do?

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This was sooo freaking funny and original!  Hah!  I loved it!
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@Rheged: I thought it was just so perfect. I'd like to try writing something like this, it's really funny. It's stuff just like he would say.  
@The Dark Huntress: ISN'T IT!?!?!?! 
@TheCrowbar: No, there isn't anything he can't do.  
@PowerHerc: Glad it made you smile!
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I'm only a recent fan of Namor but he's so awesome, I can't believe I missed him for such a long time.
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@TheCrowbar: He was my first favorite, he was the first of the fateful Wikipedia pages i read that introduced me to Marvel Comics, and the rest was history. 

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