Diminishing Power

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How fast does Namor's strength fade when he leaves the water. It seems from a lot of the battle threads that as soon as he exits it he instantly goes from a class 100 to class 70. I was under the impression that his power level decreased very slowly, and also that just getting splashed by water brings him right back up to full strength. Shouldn't it take hours for his power to get down to class 70? Am I wrong or is he being severely underestimated in these battles? Can someone clear this up for me?

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You're right, just some of the fanboys think they have points when they say that. I'm not sure if just getting splashed will completely replinish his strenght, I think that he has to atleast submerge himself in it but I may be wrong on that one.

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he's being undertermined by the comic makers to me i think he's much stronger out of the water to but everyone needs their weakness and they got to have a reason why he goes down in the story

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