Daredevil #7 (Review)

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This was one of the best comic books of 1965, and one of the best comics of Marvel's first decade. Here's why:

  1. Wally Wood was one of the greatest comic artists of all time. His artwork (pencils and inks) on Daredevil is so good that it hardly looks dated almost 50 years later!
  2. The story, co-plotted by Wally Wood and Stan Lee is amazing - Namor decides to sue 'the entire human race', and what's more, he wants Nelson & Murdock to represent him. Think about that for a minute - what a great premise!
  3. This issue represents a redesign of Daredevil's costume - gone is the circus-like look of his red, yellow and black outfit, replaced with the dark crimson one he still wears to this day.
  4. Not only is the Daredevil costume redesigned, but his hook-topped cane has been replaced with a much more martial arts like billy club with a grappling line and other gadgets.
  5. Not only is this one of Matt Murdock's great legal challenges, it's one of Daredevil's greatest fights. How can Daredevil, talented as he is, hope to take down a guy who has taken on all of The Avengers and all of The Fantastic Four?
  6. There is no wasted space - the fight itself is incredibly well done. The two square off in two skirmishes that take up half the pages of the issue, and the rest of the comic includes the court case, Namor vs. the U.S. Army, and even a romantic moment between Matt Murdock and Karen Page. And great characterization - even of brief supporting characters like Warlord Krang, Foggy Nelson and Lady Dorma.

Justifiably a classic.

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