Casting Call: Namor The Sub-Mariner

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Now I'm not one of Namor's biggest fans and in fact in comparison to Aquaman, I personally don't like him as much. Though a film based on Namor is more likely because he is an Avenger and Marvel Studios/Disney do have the rights and are currently aiming at a 2014 release for the film. Since he's a lot less well known than Aquaman, bringing him to the big screen would be easier and he would fit right into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the first one of these blogs that I've done where the actor has already been approached for the role. The actor in question is Zac Efron, the once star of the High School Musical series.Though my top choice is Zachary Quinto. My second choice is Eric Bana even if he is a little older than most of The Avengers. Though RDJ is 46.

Extremely bad-ass looking Namor.
Namor wearing pants and a shirt ( for once)

As some may have noticed, Iron Man 2 dropped a whole lot of references to the various Avengers and showed that SHIELD was looking at different super-humans or things in several countries and one location in the Mid-Atlantic. That was a reference to Namor meaning either that it's a crash site of something, something was discovered there, or it's Atlantis. Jon Favreau only confirmed that the location in Africa was indeed Wakanda and that one of the dots was about Thor and two were related to Captain America.

I don't think anyone would have too much of a problem with adapting Namor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as long as the wings on his feet are completely gotten rid of. He also would definitely not need to wear that speedo because he could look like he does above, that is if he isn't wearing the speedo and wearing pants instead in that picture. In the comics, he has in recent times actually worn a costume which could work on screen. Like The Inhumans who are also getting a movie, Namor is closely connected to The Fantastic Four but due to the rights being owned by Fox we can never see the two meet on film and that's probably for the better.


Joe Johnston

Honestly, I think there are probably quite a few directors that could pull off the movie quite well but if it were going to be a period piece to tie into Captain America, then I would choose Joe Johnston hands down because The Rocketeer was pretty awesome and Captain America was pretty good as well. He knows how to do action scenes without using a lot of computer effects as he had to with The Rocketeer. I would still choose Johnston even if weren't a period piece because I really think he can handle Namor.


Zachary Quinto

My top choice would be Zachary Quinto if he bulked up some and grew his hair out. Quinto sorts of has an astonishing resemblance to Namor.The character is Marvel's first superhero and hero in general so getting the ideal actor is very important but sadly Marvel hasn't really focused on trying to get his movie made. I can see him being introduced into the Avengers sequel before he gets his own movie but still he does deserve one pretty soon.

The problem with the character is that he can fly in the comics because of the little wings he has on ankles. In order for the character to work on screen, those would have to go. Of course the amount of internet vitriol that would be hurled at such a big change to the character could seriously hamper Marvel's attempt to get the character on screen because the numbers of fans who go to see these movies and see them more than once are large.

My second choice is Eric Bana. Sure Bana did a lousy job as Bruce Banner but that's because he had no room to do anything with the character because he was so poorly written. He made his comeback though as Nero in 2009's Star Trek which Quinto also starred in. Bana certainly could be the commanding Namor that I want to see. He's also a bit older which would make Namor being as old as he is a little more believable. Like Quinto, Bana is also over six feet tall with Bana being an inch and a half taller.


Ron Perlman

Namor has one of the absolute worst rogues galleries I can think of so Attuma was really the only decent villain I could find for Namor to face off against. Of course if it was set post-Avengers, we could have Namor facing off on his own against some alien race. Anyways, Attuma is basically one of Namor's oldest foes who constantly wants to take over Atlantis and rule it himself.

Attuma could be created digitally via motion capture and have an actor play him while filming. Finding an actor who could play Attuma is pretty darn tough though one actor who could play the character is Ron Perlman. Perlman played Hellboy with a lot of makeup and prosthetics and while that could work with Attuma as well, I think he'd probably be done by motion capture.

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Quinto is a great choice, I didn't even think of him before for Namor.

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I love your actor choices, but I'm not sure about Joe Johnston. Don't get me wrong, he did brillaint things with Captain America, but that only worked because Steve was a lighthearted character. For Namor's case, I think he's a brasher, more arrogant character. I think for that case, you need a director who would emphasize that and who would think outside the box to give Atlantis that awe inspiring feel to it. Honestly, I think James Cameron would be an ideal choice to direct a Namor film, but the movie would have to be at least 2.5 hours long with a gigantic budget.

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@Gambit1024: if  james Avatar Cameron does  Namor,  it would  need a huge IMPERIOUS REX  bugit  (couldnt help it lol)
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@theicon: I would've done the same thing to me too, lol.

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I think the guy that played Legolas would be a good Namor.

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Amazing choice!!!! But I think a lot of people would typecast him as the pointy-eared heroic bastard...

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