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With the new series coming out soon I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any older Namor stories.

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@CHERP0:    Depends on the type of stories and creators you like, and what you mean by older -- 70 years to pick from. :)  One of my favorite Namor stories deals with our distrust of those that are different.  I also like the tragic issues, which is not everyone's cup of tea.  And oddly, funny Namor stories.

On Day 10 of the Countdown thread I posted a list of Namor trades that I knew of.  And on Day 7 I posted a list of Namor series.  If you want a quick recap mini-series, I'd suggest SAGA OF SUB-MARINER.  In 12 issues it retells the entire story of Namor, from the Golden Age to the death of Marrina -- or until the John Byrne Namor series -- with Namor doing the narrating.  If you want to know why Namor's where he is now, read the last mini-series, Sub-Mariner Revolution and Uncanny X-Men Annual 2.
My own personal favorites are the Roy Thomas and John Buscema run from Silver Age Sub-Mariner -- which they started printing in Marvel Masterworks Sub-Mariner vol. 3.  I also like Bob Harras and Jae Lee's 90s Namor arc with Suma Ket -- but the art is very much 90s body builder types.  And for sheer fun, Keith Giffen and DeMateis and Kevin Maguire's Defenders Indefensible.

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