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A new on-going series!  A new direction for a classic character!  The Sub-Mariner invades the surface world in a totally different way!                         


In the South Pacific, Carrie Alexander and her father Dr. Alexander spot Namor, the Sub-Mariner leaping out of the water, crashing on an island. The Alexanders head to the island, looking for him. He awakens and sees natives worshipping something that looks like a plane. When he comes near, they attack him. 

In anger, he destroys their idol and some of their buildings, throwing them ontop of them. Not until the arrival of Carrie, whom he mistakes as both Marrina and Lady Dorma does he calm down. He speaks in Atlantean with both her and her father, who only somewhat understand him. They go back to his ship.

Dr. Alexander uses his Recycling device to make Namor stronger. Thankful, Namor recounts his history for the Alexanders, telling the story of Lady Fen and Leonard McKenzie. Namor then asks why Dr. Alexander is curious about him, and he reveals that Namor saved him when he was a boy, striking an interest in him.

Namor then goes off on his own to think, returning with a treasure chest filled with money from a spanish brigante. Carrie is excited, and Namor reveals something of an attraction to the girl.

Lastly, a woman named Phoebe Marrs stops her brother Desmond from commiting suicide, then revealing that she is buying Dr. Alexander's company.

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