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"Royal Blood" part 1. This is written by Stuart Moore and drawn by Ariel Olivetti. When i first heard about this new Namor on-going series coming out i was pretty excited. I must admit i've never been a Namor fan, but after the Marvels Project mini-series i became a huge Namor fan. Namor was done very well in that mini-series, and i instantly wanted more of the character. So saying i was excited about this on-going is a big understatement. The beginning of this comic we see Namor talking to an old Atlantean woman, asking where he might find the decapitated head of Dracula. After talking to the old dame Namor goes off searching for some Atlantean help before he dives head first into a pack of under water vampires. He does find help, but alot of good that does. The majority of the help he finds ends up getting killed by the vampires, but in the end he does manage to find the head of Dracula! Not only does he reclaim the head of Dracula, but he also ends up sparking a war with the under sea vampires. That can't be good. Thats where our first issue ends, and the ending of this def makes you crave for the second issue. After the story of the first issue we also get a recap of Namors origin and back story. So that makes this comic worth its price tag of 3.99. I def recommend going out and picking up this comic. Great read. And the art is beautiful. Go get this before it sells out!
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