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Si Coltrane

The story-arc begins with John Tool, an unlucky cop who's constantly put in the shadow by his "super cop" partner known as Paul Bridges who uses any means nessacary to get the job done, meanwhile Jesse Custer, Cassidy and Tulip are in New York looking for God. Cassidy knows a man who can possibly help them with that, a man by the name of Si. Si tells them about "The Reaver Cleaver", a serial killer who's been stalking people and murdering them.

They leave the bar, Cassidy and Si walk off to catch up and hopefully have Cassidy ask Si about God. Meanwhile, Jesse and Tulip talk about their relationship etc. Soon, Cassidy, Si, Jesse and Tulip meet up. Si leaves, Tulip go's off to get in bed and Jesse and Cassidy go on to the Empire State Building. They have a conversation and Jesse explains why he wants to hunt God down.


The next day, we see Jesse and Cass in a bar shooting billards on the body of some unlucky bastard that Jesse knocked unconscious, Cassidy leaves to go explore the city and Jesse heads back to the hotel room yet not before the two men have a serious conversation about Tulip. They also agree to meet each other at Si's house at ten PM. Jesse heads to the hotel room and over-hears a conversation Tulip is having with her mobb boss who's dissatisfied with her job on the man she supposed to kill. Elsewhere, John and Paulie are tracking down the Reaver Cleaver. They find nothing other than scared house-wife who's recently her husband so they head back to the office. They eat lunch when the real "Reaver-Cleaver" calls them. They can't tap the phone but he does say he'll call again.

Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip head to Si's house and hear the story of how Cass and Si met each other down at Woodstock. They then talk about a blind man who see's perfectly, never hits anything, no dog or the lord guides him whom calls himself "The Big Man". Jesse asks to go see him and they agree to see him the next day.


They head to see the Big Man and it's revealed Si is the "Reaver-Cleaver" to both Tulip and Cassidy, to Cassidy when he finds severed heads in Si's refrigerator as well as Tulip when he stabs her in the hand. Jesse walks into what he thinks will be the "The Big Man's House" but it's actually the apartment of Paulie Bridges, the detective on the case of The Reaver Cleaver. Jesse walks in on an S&M Orgy whilst Tulip is dealing with a bleeding hand and an insane serial killer, elsewhere Cassidy's inside Si's apartment surrounded by police outside. Cassidy plays dead and convinces police he's one of the Killer's victims whilst John Tool arrives at Paulies apartment along with Si who's there with Jesse and Paulie and now Tulip who walks in bleeding half to death.

To cover his tracks, Custer used Tool's gun to shoot Coltrane in the head. In return for letting the world see him as a hero for once. - Taken from John Tool's page

Jesse's proclaimed dead by the police department to further cover his tracks...There are ten million stories in Naked City, not all of them have Moral.

Collected Editions

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