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Somewhere around the 15th Century, the undersea kingdom of Lemuria was ruled by an insane tyrant known as Naga who was a devout worshiper of Set. Naga learned from Set that the Serpent Crown was in ancient Lemurian ruins and clamed it in his name. The Serpent Crown imbued Naga with incredible telepathic and destructive powers as well as a reptilian appearance. The presence of the Crown even turned the blue skins of Lemurians into a greenish tint with scales. Set had also revealed to Naga how to treat the Crown with special oils that give its wearer an immortal life. 
Naga became deluded and believed himself to be a god who was the son of Set. Naga didn't believe a god should follow any rules or moral code. Anybody Naga considered a traitor or law breaker was killed, tortured or sent to prison. Naga commited acts of inhumane atrocities that became everyday occurences. The evil reign of Naga lasted for centuries but any civilization ruled by tyranny will fight for freedom. Naga had crushed many rebellions but a group of rebels chose a different tactic in a bid for freedom. 
The rebels, later known as the Ancients, had limited telepathic abilities used to hide themselves from Naga's detection but not powerful enough to overcome Naga. The rebels left Lemuria to find a place where Naga could not follow them and formed their own community free of Naga's rule. The rebels also stole the Crown from Naga to be locked away and end its use for evil. Without the Crown, Naga started to age slowly and he formed a group of warriors called Questers led by Karthon. The Questers were ordered to find the Crown and the search went on for decades. 
By the early 20th Century, Llyra, a Lemurian mutant, became a high priestess of Set and a close companion to the elderly Naga. Llyra had ambitions of ruling Lemuria and she had manipulated Naga into arranging a marriage between her and his oldest heir, Prince Merro. Karthon the Quester eventually recovered the Crown along with Namor as a prisoner and returned to Lemuria. Naga quickly wore the Crown upon Karthon's return and Namor stood defiant against Naga.

Namor and Naga soon engaged each other in battle while Karthon, observing Namor's nobility and Naga's sadism, was having regrets about serving Naga. Namor was about to be swallowed up by a pit created by Naga when Karthon drew his sword and killed Naga. Namor and Karthon left the Crown on Naga and the creation of the pit caused earthquakes that swallowed Naga and the Crown beneath the ocean floor.    

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