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A planet within the Star Wars universe which was pivotal location during the first prequel, Phantom Menace. After an illegal blockade by the Trade Federation the queen of Naboo, Queen Amidala, help lead her planet back to freedom after the Senate failed her. This lead to Palpatine, senator from Naboo at the time, being nominated and voted the next Supreme Chancellor. This beginning was the setup for Palpatine's plan to eventually overtake the Republic and turn it into his own Sith Empire.

Naboo has both a human presence as well as a native Gungan presence on the planet. The human settlement proposes a democracy and people ruling with a low military organization, only one enough to ensure safety and order. The Gungans live primarily within swamps and in underwater cities and are ruled by a council, led by Boss Nass. The Gungans also have a large army and consider themselves a warrior race.

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