X-Men Origins: Mystique?

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If you could create Mystique's origins how would it go
#2 Posted by 614azrael (10389 posts) - - Show Bio

it would b awsome but is unlikely, even more unlikely if u xpect a true to comic rout senc so much of her is a mystery

#3 Posted by Edamame (29969 posts) - - Show Bio

It could involve her amorous relationship with Victor Creed. Then it could revolve around Graydon Creed's intense hatred for mutants.  Then it could involve Rogue and Nightcrawler.  Azazel might be involved, as well.
It might be too long to make though. She has been around for a very long time.

#4 Posted by Mutant God (3544 posts) - - Show Bio

I wasn't talking about the movie I said create her backstory how did she become a mutant.

#5 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (15509 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mutant God:
ummm you mean how did she become a supervillain? or how did her powers activate?
#6 Posted by oldgum (357 posts) - - Show Bio

Her Lesbian romance with Destiny LOL.

#7 Posted by Mutant God (3544 posts) - - Show Bio
her powers activating

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