X-men First Class Comment.

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I like that she was professor x little sister and she actually looked good in the x-men uniform. The relationship between her and Beast made me want to look at the Last Stand again lol, and i liked her reaction to his transformation, "this is who you were meant to be". The actor was beautiful and her motivations to go with Magneto was very clear and respectable (before she becomes a terrorist.) "Mutant And Proud!" 
(I know its actually his foster, sister calm down nerds.)
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I thought she was a good actress as well who was very attractive. I also liked how she was constantly trying to convince Hank that he was normal. "Mutant and Proud".. lol I think i said that to my fiance about 15 times before we even got to the parking lot. ;p
Next time, leave out the "nerds" part. Prevents people from actually wanting to interact with your topics.

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I thought she was terrible on all levels.

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