Why is she under estimated mystique discussion

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How come people under estimate mystique and her abilities? Usually they believe that she can only change her self into other humans but are terribly wrong i've been reading the old forums and she seems to be very "low in level" what i mean by that is that they always put her under so many who are not even close to her and like she was just a grain of sand. Why does she lose to Batman? why does she lose to Electra and sometimes even to black widow, in the forums. This irritates me because unlike a lot of people know she has a bit of a healing factor and super human stats agility strength ect, she is definitely physicality above all of the characters above and aside from that her shape shifting makes her even more capable. She has the ability to flatten her and move organs, these help her from fire arms. Shift organs a great thing for combat shift to change her arms or body to deadly weapons or to something as simple as wings to fly and she can recover quickly. Not to mention shes a evil master mind, terrorist XD she also is very skilled in h2h can stand on a fingure? I'm not saying she's a complete power house though and go ahead and disagree i just want to here why? and your opinions :]

* here are some examples

again feel free to say your opinion

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Those kinds of transformations wear her out immediately, requiring a TON of effort and concentration. Its the simple "look like someone else" stuff that takes little effort, and why she does it most.

Also, those kinds of transformations arent her standard powerset, they are a fairly recent addition.

Also, Morph and Warlock are better shapeshifters than her.

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As far as shapeshifters go she is quite limited compared to most others, but yes she is underestimated.

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oh yeah XD i know shes not the best or close to it but i mean its not the only thing she can do, i mean she is underestimated and is compared to simple heros/ characters such as people like domino and batman XD

Ps i don't have anything on bat man i like him but i like to use him as a fast example

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@Degalon: I know they are, but she is cooler lol XD.

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@Degalon: They used to wear her out but its become cannon, that she can alter mass and shape in a variety of ways now due to her mutation being advanced even more.

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in wolverine and the xmen # 20 she shown making bird wings to fly and stretching her arms like Mr fantasic also now she can hide her scent from those with super scences like wolverine.

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she also resistant to telepathy which is due to her nature. there turning her powers to be like xmen evolution mystique.

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