What's going to happen to Mystique?

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I saw that after Wolverine "killed" her this mysterious group sold her body and they resemble The Hand. I just want thoughts on what you think will happen next for Mystique because she is one of my favorite's and I am in pain.

#1 Posted by Renchamp (2992 posts) - - Show Bio

I can see someone buying her and remaking her for their own purposes, starting a story of her finding herself.

#2 Posted by KDarkholme (334 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably. I think they are going to try to brain wash her.

#3 Posted by AgentDarkholme (2 posts) - - Show Bio

@KDarkholme: I was in pain also however, I recently discovered that she is indeed alive. She is in the latest Wolverine comics. I think it was revealed she was alive in 301, and she is on front page art for 302 released on 7/4/12. So this is great news, lets hope they further develop her character and she gets revenge on Wolverine. Its about time someone put him down for good in my opinion, though sadly I don't see that happening because he has so many die-hard fans.

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And Marvel won't kill off one of their main money makers now will they. I'm thinking she and wolve will have one huge fight, leading to something big.

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Not that it's totally relevant to the storyline, but I am curious as to how Mystique was brought back by the Hand. It appears she went through a ritual similar to Psylocke, with some power enhancement but WITHOUT the brainwashing..

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@devdave: @Purgy: I know Im late now but when did they bring her back.? Do you guys know the issue(s).?

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@KDarkholme: Mystique first appeared alive in Wolverine #300 at the end, and made another brief appearance in Wolverine #301 before really messing with Wolvie (in more ways than one) in the just-released Wolverine #302 . The thing about her apparent resurrection by the Hand is that it is not totally explained yet. As I said above, I'm guessing it was similar to what happened to Psylocke, but Mystique looks no physically different in her usual form (but then she IS a shape-shifter), certainly does not appear to have been brainwashed as Psylocke was, but just got a slight power enhancement.

#8 Posted by KDarkholme (334 posts) - - Show Bio

@devdave: Ok. I just saw that Mystique and Sabretooth were making out. She isn't brainwashed and her powers are stronger now she can shift and Wolverine cant pick up her scent now.

#9 Posted by Blood1991 (8082 posts) - - Show Bio

Thank goodness she's alive I don't read Wolverine's book, but I like Mystique so this is awesome news.

#10 Posted by darthfury78 (944 posts) - - Show Bio
@KDarkholme: Mystique and Sabretooth are always making out.

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