What Nightcrawler's death means to her???

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I really want to see Mystique's reaction to the news about Nightcrawler's death!!! I think that would be a good little story arc.  Maybe a little Amanda Sefton action too?? Any thoughts???

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She has tried to kill him several times, so i don't think she'd be too upset.

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She'd probably just be like "Aw, that's a bummer." then move on.  
Such a bad mother... 

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Mystique: "Wait a second, which one is Nightcrawler again?"

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" Mystique: "Wait a second, which one is Nightcrawler again?" "
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" Mystique: "Wait a second, which one is Nightcrawler again?" "
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I would really want to see Mystique's reaction, personally i could see her getting really pissed off, and then she'll probably get over it.

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She would either blame Hope or the Humans
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@Mutant God:  Or both and go kamikaze on everyone. 
So maybe she doesn't posses a single sympathetic bone in her body but still... it's her son!!!
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Please, no more Amanda Sefton. Begging you, man.
Mystique threw the infant Kurt off of a CLIFF. That and the fact that they never really got to know each other probably mean she won't be TOO broken up about him. Though she might pull one of those 'I'LL NEVER GET A CHANCE TO BE A GOOD MOTHER' things, or whatever else women do in comics when their estranged children die; Mystique is a bit of a drama queen...

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I agree with what most of you are saying but... I think Mystique needs a slap in the face with realty... It was so stupid how they didn't include her in the story during Necrosha when Destiny was brought back... That would have been cool to see. And I just realized that Rogue was present when Nightcrawler died... aren't they like half brother and sister. :(

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