what is mystiques' powers limits

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what are the limits of mystique's powers
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In what sense?  She's reproduced metallic parts and animal physiology.  She can't fool telepaths or reproduce other mutant powers.

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I remember Mystique transforming into about 4 crows in the X-man Evolution series can she do that in comics?

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her shapeshifting ability seems to give her vast healing abilities as well as longevity.

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What about her adaptive abilities?  - does she still have those?

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it depends on what kind of mystique such as the cartoon stretches her powers so she can transform into animals which in comics she cant.  
Adaptive, is limited, but she ca grow more hair, if cold, she has grown a form such as a mermaid, but can't grow gills, but can enlarge her lungs to hold her breath longer, she can heighten her senses, she can make herself more dense, so stronger, faster,, idk what else 

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@Michael the Fly: I would say no. Because Mystique can't change her form into anything that is bigger then her original form. Meaning she can't change into something that weights more is has more body mass than her original form...Without putting a strain on herself at least
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Could she turn into hybrid type forms? Like mermaids and werewolves?

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It can strain her to adjust her weight or height 
she can't copy certain foreign objects in the body (such as Wolverine's Adamantium)  nor powers

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In her limited series she was able to slip handcuffs by turning her hands into pointed spears which means she doesn't have to mimic realistic biological entities.

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Anyway, Morph is better than her.

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Also i was looking through her pics and one shows her in free fall as she is morphing her arming in to things similar to fighter jet wings.
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@oldgum: actually he isn't if you read her entire powers you would know she is far superior she can even create pockets of flesh to hide things such as guns. in some comics she can even create guns that fire projectiles

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