Mystique in X-men First Class

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After watching First Class I can honestly say that I love the way that Mystique was portrayed. I really love the way they handled her not wearing clothes as pervy as it sounds. 
It was like in this movie because she wore clothes for so much of it that when she wasn't wearing them that it really hit you that she was actually naked. In the other movies she was naked all the time so you never really noticed it and it wasn't a big deal you kinda got use to it so it didn't affect you. Overall I like Jennifer Lawrence more as Mystique than I did Rebecca Romajin Stamos even though they both played to completely different versions of the same character.

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well to be fair rebecca didn't have a real character to play she was kind of thrown in the background in x1 finally was showed off in x2 and was "killed off" in x3 
But I did love this version of the character and this is how she should have been in the other films(loved rebecca's cameo though)

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