Is She a Bad Mom

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Does she give a flying cow about any of her kids? It seems that she only cares about rogue and she not even her real daughter.

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She hasn't said anything about night crawler's death.I blame the writers.It wasn't her fault that he died though.She was willing to kill baby hope summers in order save rouge's life though rouge wouldn't want that.

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She's an absolutely terrible mother.

#4 Posted by oviouslyjeangrey (417 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea @moywar700: Yea but she killed her own son. The human one she evil but I lover her.

#5 Posted by Blood1991 (8115 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mercy_ said:

She's an absolutely terrible mother.


She came off as that Mom who kept saying she loved her baby, but then would leave her baby alone in a car on the hottest day in July.

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Yep, she's horrible.

No question. No doubt.

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@moywar700: Actually, she was mad about Nightcrawlers's death. She blamed Wolverine for it. And then Wolverine stabbed and killed her. Well, Graydon killed her lover's grandson and he was about to kill more mutants. And before Mystique found out it was her who killed Graydon, she was sad about his death, so was Sabretooth. I read that in the book X Men: Codename Wolverine.

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The worst.

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She DEFIANTLY cares about Rogue because she is always "protecting her". But considering that Nightcrawler is her real son, she isn't going to win any mother of the year awards. But then again, the only reason she took Rogue under her wing was because of Rogue's abilities, not because she cared.

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I don't know she really care about Rogue.I am pretty sure she still love Kurt

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I don't know she really care about Rogue.I am pretty sure she still love Kurt

Yeah, that's why she threw him off a cliff as an infant.

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She's horrible

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She's a horrible person and a terrible mother.

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Mystique is one of the most legitimately evil of all X-men villains and I never understood why they keep trying to sell her as the anti-hero type. She not only abandoned Nightcrawler, she actually attempted to murder him. Her and Sabertooth were such miserable parents to Graydon Creed that he grew up to be the leader of a mutant hate group. Rogue is probably the only kid that was in her care that she showed any kind of emotional attachment to and her reaction to her two actual sons dying came off more like a spoiled child who broke her toy than any real motherly affection.

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She is a terrible human being, of course she's a bad mother.


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Let's see if they intend on showing her reaction to Rogue's "death" and Nightcrawler's "resurrection."

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she's bad. Medusa from soul eater is worse.

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yup one of the worst right up there with talia.

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Well, she is not a real person,'s more about writers not caring to develop he character.

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