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I would have posted this video sooner, but I couldn't find it.  Just like with Superman Saves... Your Electric Bills? British ComicVine members may already have seen this. 
I don't know if Top Trumps is an international card game (ala Pok émon), but for those who don't know it's a collectable card game.  Each card has a character with an image & rankings for things like agility, speed, intellect.  You try to trump the other player by picking the highest number and then take the loser's card.  You can get Top Trumps in everything from football players & Harry Potter to sports cars, and of course, super heroes (you can even mix Marvel with DC cards since they use the same ranking system, which we used to do when extremely bored down the pub).  

 40 Cards To Collect!
So this weekend, while everywhere you look is brimming with roses & heart-shaped chocolates for Valentines Day, the Daily Mirror is offering 4 villainous Marvel Top Trump Cards.  The offer started yesterday (sorry!) and will run for 10 days.  That means there are 40 cards to collect! 
Anyway, I loved the advert. It's so funny that I wanted to share it, so enjoy...!     
YouTube video found by CATMANEXE, thank you.
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I see no video o_O 
<----Depressed now

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Haha, I sooo laughed for hours at the advert when I first saw it on TV
it's hilariouss.
The Mystique Mom = PRICELESS.

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@Closure said:
" I see no video o_O  <----Depressed now "
I can't get the silly thing to display, even though it claims to allow embedding :( 
You can view the whole clip HERE!!! :)
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heres a nice high-res version.

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The Daily Record? never heard of that.
Would like to get these but will probibly forget O_o

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@CATMANEXE: I couldn't find it on YouTube, so thank you very much!  
@Omega Ray Jay: It's the Scottish version of the Daily Mirror (part of the same publishing group)

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