Did Mystique die for good in Age of X?

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I heard somewhere that because Tempo died in Age of X that her death was permanent in the real world.....is that true for Mystique too since she was gunned down by Captain America or has she been seen running amok since then?

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Mystique always gets gunned down, stabbed to death, worse, ect. She never actually dies.

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Wolverine recently killed her for playing a part in sending him to Hell. Her body was later shown to be sold at an auction to the Hand. So, you know how that goes...

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No. Mystique's death was only seen in a 'flashback'. It occurred in Age of X: Universe X, which is set 1,000 days before the Age of X started. So it detailed the early days of Fortress X.

However, Fortress X actually existed for only 7 days. There had only been a week's worth of 'reality' in the Age of X when the story begins in Age of X: Alpha. 'Moira', the reality warping personality that escaped Legion's mind had altered everyone's memories. So Rogue's memories were altered to the point that she believed she had absorbed the memories of Captain America before he died. It was this fake set of memories inside a fake Captain America's mind that Rogue/Legacy saw in which Mystique was killed. Therefore as Mystique (and the assorted Avengers who died trying to save/destroy Fortress X) weren't killed during the 7 days leading up to the Age of X (or during the Age of X itself) then none of them actually died.

Mike Carey has repeatedly stated that as far as he is concerned Tempo is the only character to have genuinely died during the time that 'Moira' had warped reality.

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