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The Iron Trap

For forty years Andrew Kastro has held a grudge against everybody and everything! He figures he has been cheated by life and fortune because he wasn't born rich -- and that life has never offered him the opportunity to attain wealth! Instead of being grateful, he has a respected job as a physicist, he is dissatisfied and wishes his life would change! And one day, while he experiments with atomic matter Andrew Kastro gets his wish...

The Forbidden Room

She was vague about most things... but she knew they lived in a mansion with numberless rooms, and many years of her life had been consumed in the painstaking selection of their varied furnishings! And now they were all furnished except one! And that one she had never seen! That one was... The Forbidden Room

The Sinking Man!

Luck had helped Andrews to escape from the law! But there are worse punishments than a prison cell!

He Hides in the Tower

From the moment he first heard about the treasure of Dorwin Manor, Tony Lund could not rest till he climbed to the lofty old mansion! Tony found the treasure he was after and almost got away with it, until the unexpected happened!

Detour to Mars (Text Only Story)

In the Dark Attic!

There are those among us who, by continued misdeeds, keep defying the inexorable law of inevitable retribution! There are those among us... who are destined to be In The Dark Attic!

The Clock Strikes Thirteen

Fuller should have been forewarned, but his only reaction was a sneer when the frightened villagers whispered that someone in town would suffer a great loss if... The Clock Strikes Thirteen







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