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Rex Fights with Knife

There are 15 separate stories in this 64 page comic. They are as follows.

  1. Green Mask. The Green Mask story is nine pages long. It is about a man named J. J. Fakin who adopts takes in kids to train them to be pick pockets. The Green Mask is on to the scam however and makes Fakin pay.
  2. Rex Dexter. Rex fights a giant monster he had brought to earth with a large kitchen knife in this six page epic. He had found the beast on a cone shaped planet and uncovered a plot to bring it to earth to destroy the planet. Rex stops the plot but brings the beast to earth anyway thinking he could control it by leaving it unconscious. Well, just like King Kong the beast awakes and crushes the city. No weapons work on it so Rex attacks the beast with a knife piercing it through the eye and into the brain. The people are so appalled that Rex bought the creature to earth that they banish him. Only his girlfriend joins him on his missions to space.
    ...and into the brain
  3. Billy Bounce. This is a nice two page comedy to clean the pallet. Billy goes on what is to him a huge mission he even carries what could be a real pistol with him. When it is all over you get a chuckle and then move on to the next adventure.
  4. Chen Chan. In this six page adventure Chen seems to get the better of Richard Kendall. He successfully robs a train of Jade and destroys it killing all aboard but Kendall. He puts Kendall into a torture box and drags him up a hill. Kendall escapes and confronts Chan who seemingly falls to his death, but Chen has escaped death a few times before.
  5. Wing Turner. In this three page mission, Wing has to escort a jewel across the Indian Ocean. In the process two of his men are killed and many others as they fight across the sky. Wing himself is winged as he finally gets to his base with two planes still on his tail.
  6. Lieutenant Drake. A five page spy story. Drake is sent out to stop a gambling ring. He immediately finds a card shark named Basil Older whom he peruses. He then goes undercover and records the gamblers with a dictaphone and capture the crooks.
    The 3rd Costume
  7. Hemlock Shomes and Potsam. A four page parody on Sherlock Holmes. In this story Hemlock and Potsam are kidnapped and forced to find missing team in a war torn (Mexico?) It never really says but it is implied. Again the cartoon uses some racial stereotypes.
  8. The Man with the Paraffin Beard. The man with the Paraffin bead is a cute two page story that took place during the author's childhood. It takes place somewhere in the 1890's.
  9. Waco Kid. In a four page Western the Waco kid stops some gamblers who he caught dealing from the bottom of the deck. He also helps a friend with a gambling problem.
  10. Blue Beetle. The Blue Beetle stop some crooks who are running a loansharking business in a four page comic. This is a notable book as Blue Beetle gets his yellow belt.
    The Detective
  11. Inspector Bancroft. Bancroft follows a string of murdered officers to discover a madman who is trying to take over India. Brancroft gets captured and then escapes and goes back to get him in a four page comic.
  12. D-13. A six page war tale. A German sub is shooting down American Stories. D-13 takes his friend Jack Roberts and go out to find the sub. They get captured and escape and bring the Germans to justice.
  13. Denny Scott. Denny gets a message that they are going to get attacked in this four page war story. So they round up the Bengal Lancers, and prepare for battle. The battle goes badly for Denny as first but they are able bottle next their enemy and surround them.
  14. Real Life Personal Interviews with Real Detectives. Lee Harris is at it again as he interviews Detective Matthew Solomon.

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