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Pirate River Lily

Just like last issue there are fifteen sections to this sixty-four page comic. It advertises thirteen stories on the front cover but it is not counting two of the stories that are more like a story book than a comic. Below are the stories that are included.

  1. The first story is a ten page Green Mask story. The Green Mask tries to bring down the crime boss San Sin who is trying to take over Chinatown. He even kidnapped Lotus Lee to influence the Chinatown leader Fong Lee.
  2. The second story is featured on the cover and is a six page Rex Dexter story. This character has changed drastically from the first issue. In this story Rex is the grandson instead of the son of the first humans to the moon.
  3. The next is a short two page comic of Billy Bounce. Billy is kidnapped on his way home and held for ransom. Not losing his cool he takes on the kidnappers himself.
  4. Richard Kendall is the hero of the Chen Chang comic that comes next. Chen Chang is the name of the comic but he is the villain who is always bested by Kendall. This six page story is no different as Richard Kendall sets out to stop Chang's pirate operation on the Yangtze River.
  5. The 2nd Costume
    Wing Turner, Air Detective has five missing planes and sets out to find the smuggles. He searches till he is nearly out o gas and then engages in a dog fight with several other planes. Lastly, he is able to bring the evil doers to justice.
  6. Lee Harris writes his monthly one page article Real Life Personal Interviews with Famous Detectives. In this article he focuses on Ben Rosenberg. Harris even adds himself in the article as a comical image of him eyeballing Rosenberg's steak.
  7. Zanzibar the Magician is basically able to do anything and pretty much proves it in this four page adventure. Zanzibar literally travels back into time and takes on Hercules and the God Zeus. He then goes back to his own time.
  8. The eighth story is a spoof of Sherlock Holmes with the Hemlock Shomes and Potsam adventure. Hemlock and Potsam investigate a kidnapping. In the process they run into a lot of insane people.
  9. Sprayed with Disinfectant
    This is a two page ghost story called The Long Are Of Vengeance. he is about a murder as sea and ghost that may or may not come to be. This story is a lot shorter than this week as two giant images are used to fill space.
  10. The Waco Kid and his four issue western in next. The Waco Kid is wanted as he has been set up buy Killer Barkus. It is us to Waco to clear his name and stop Barkus and his gang. Another note in this story is Waco's horse Flash is white at the beginning of the story and brown at the end. This is most likely a coloring mistake.
  11. A four page Inspector Bancroft story is next. Bancroft sets off to stop a murderer and smuggler. He follows a line of clues that lands him in trouble by getting captured. It is all he can do to escape and put the criminals to justice.
  12. Sewn in Fish
    The Blue Beetle is back in this four page story but completely different from this first issue. His suit is gone and seems to be wearing a kind of chain mail. The change was made behind the scenes by the creators but never explained. In the story Blue Beetle stops some armored car robbers.
  13. D-13 is a James Bond like spy who who ends up in Europe. In the six page adventure D-13 stops a war from happening. Well he at least tries as we all know this comic was made in 1939.
  14. Captain Denny Scot takes a young English Boy around India in this four page story. He mission is interrupted by kidnappers who are quickly foiled. Afterward the boy is sent back to England.
  15. Lt. Drake is in a six page story where he stops illegal aliens who are being smuggled into the United States. The smugglers spray disinfected in the faces of the aliens and sew them up in large fish. As soon as Drake is done he is given another assignment.

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