Hard hitting social commentary ... from Scooby Doo?

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I have been away from blogging for a while as I have been busy writing my fiction stuff. However, this morning I came across Scooby Doo in my pile (I sometimes read this, just I don't tell anyone, just like Betty and Veronica.) Generally speaking Scooby Doo comics are almost identical to the television series, with an easily solvable mystery or two with a heavy dose of comedy. This issue though had what was probably a dig at Lance Armstrong. There is a character named Lance Pureheart (close enough in name) who is taking money and fame from people for his fraudulent activity. Maybe a bit weak of a connection, except the story is also called "The Greatest of All" a moniker which Lance Armstrong once had (I should point out as always I am not a sports fan, but it is hard to not notice Lance in the media in the past couple of months.) It seems all pretty similar to the real life disgraced athletic hero. The story is not that deep, the moral eventually ends up being that the real heroes are the people that we take for granted. On the other hand it is interesting to note such a critique of the man hidden in a comic book aimed at children.

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This is pretty bushleague, if you ask me. Lance's cycling career isn't who he is as a man, nor what people should be focusing on. He used that avenue to increase awareness for cancer, by fighting it (something children can learn from, never give up). I don't want to go off-topic and start defending Lance Armstrong but it's not as clear cut as saying he cheated. :]

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@Xanni15: Maybe so, it is definitely a complex issue, just I would not expect Scooby Doo to necessarily bring it up

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Does this mean I should go back to the classic Scooby Doo cartoons and try to figure out what social commentary was going on in those all along? :P

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@RazzaTazz said:

@Xanni15: Maybe so, it is definitely a complex issue, just I would not expect Scooby Doo to necessarily bring it up

They brought up the bad, though!

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this aint yo mamma's Scooby.

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