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Swinging like thinking

The first story here is a little forced, and even feels constrained by time more so than the usual adventures do.  As usual some alien species wants to invade Rann and Adam and Alanna try to stop them.  It does get bonus credit though for the cover sequence actually being in the issue and for the cover action to be fairly engaging.  The Giants of the Telescope feature looks at Walter Baade.  The second story here is actually funny in parts as there is a nearly chauvinistic space traveler that must save the Earth.  The final story is titled "Who caught the Loborilla?" and was a fairly well known one among readers of science fiction from DC at this time as it was reprinted in many other series.  It is also the first story to ever feature the Star Rovers.  Despite being repeated so many times, the story is actually somewhat weak as it involves telepathy, one of the usual plot devices used at this time.  Overall a somewhat average issue.  

Posted by brc2000

Is the final story weak just because of the use of telepathy (an unusual sentiment for a site that generally focuses on superheroes), or because they don't do anything interesting with it?

Also I don't think you've mentioned, but are you reading the original issues or a reprinted collection. I can only seem to find "best of" editions.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@brc2000: I find the telepathy to be a common problem in this series. Also I am reading half and half.

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