razzatazz's Mystery In Space #64 review

Abby Gun

For the second issue in a row, the Adam Strange story here is fairly weak.  At the time because of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war, the threat of radioactivity was a strong motive for any fictional work, but in this case the science is all wrong (though it is based in part of real science.)  The plot is not particularly well handled either.  Following this is a Giants of the Telescope feature (which are becoming more infrequent) about Samuel A. Mitchell.  The next story is another one with a mixed scientific basis, but has a nicer story about not casting away all knowledge in the face of progress.  The last story is another with some quirky science, but it is the best of the three telling the story of Captain Jim "Lucky" Ross.  A mediocre issue overall, though redeemed a little bit by the last story.  


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