razzatazz's Mystery In Space #63 review

Straying to pick

After a series of better Adam Strange stories in this series, once again it reverts back to a more simplistic approach.  Rann is invaded by mysterious aliens with inexplicable powers and then to solve it all their is a bogus scientific explanations.   The second story is a somewhat usual double cross involving some science fiction based concepts.  The resolution of the plot is pretty weak in the end though and not even as fake-scientifically inspired as usual.  The final story is somewhat all over the place, starting on Mars, going to some other planet where two astronauts pick flowers and fighting a polka dot dinosaur before adopting a stray space-dog.  Some issues of Mystery in Space have a pulp science fiction vibe, but this is one is not it.  The stories here are too simplistic or far fetched.  


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