razzatazz's Mystery In Space #33 review

Waste of Cellulose

The first story here is a pretty strange one.  In a sense it elicits a comparison to Fahrenheit 451, but in a more broad sense has none of the meaning and is mostly just a light action yarn.  It deals with the destruction of all wood on the surface of the planet, which leads to an unforeseen occurrence.  The second story is the kind that frustrates me the most.  It deals with the environment and that folly in trying to adjust it to perfection, which was a good start, but ultimately it failed in its simplistic ending.  In the third story the space cabbie heads to the asteroid belt to hunt for space animals and is forced into using some ingenious methods.  Next there is an information page on Pluto, and then a Giants of the Telescope feature on Angelo Secchi.   The last story is also a bizarre one, as a scientist from Antares visits Earth to earn his place on a science council.  He must succeed in both getting home and saving Earth in the meantime, but the level of astronomical knowledge here is pretty weak.  The overall issue was of average quality for the series, which equates to not so great.  Still this one feels both better and worse simultaneously as the potential was there for a better issue, just it never materialized.  


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