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Nitrogen breathing

The first story here deals with two mysterious aliens who cause other around them to laugh uncontrollably.  It is up to Earth's scientists to discover who they are and why they have this effect.  An information page next deals with the mysteries of space.  The next story is kind of an abstract one, a young buy gets shrunk to miniature size and gets trapped on a lifelike replica of Jupiter.  Next there is an information page on "Our Strange Universe."  The next story features the Space Cabbie as he accidentally gets his hands on something a criminal gang wants and they pursue him trying to get it back.  A "Wonders of Space" page looks at the moons of Mars next.  This is followed by a "Giants of the Telescope" feature on Richard Anthony Proctor.  The last story deals with the last boradcast of television after a comet makes radio transmissions impossible (I guess they never thought of cable in this alternate future.)  It is still kind of an interesting story because it looks back at numerous events in the "history" of the planet but the ending is weak.  This issue is not really any different from any of the rest.  It is not very engaging but still has a hokey charm about it at times.   

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