razzatazz's Mystery In Space #27 review

Water magnets of Mars

The first story here deals with the ludicrous concept that the Martians have created a water magnet which they are using to plan ahead for an invasion of Earth.  Once again though the invasion is foiled because although the Martians can build a water magnet and spaceships, they do not understand basic science.  The next page is an interesting one, it focuses on the relative sizes of things in the solar system (but they incorrectly identified where I live - Nova  Scotia).  The second story sounds weird but is actually one of the more fun ones which has been in this series in a while.  A space navy officer is assigned to a lightship, which is the equivalent of a lighthouse but in space.  he ends up stopping an alien assault despite the less than glorious assignment.  The following page is on mysteries of space, which as always is not so scientifically grounded.  The next story is a little convoluted, but deals with a man taken out of suspended animation in space, but the same lapse in logic follows as usual.  A page follows on the wonders of space and then a Giants of the Telescope page on William Cranch Bond.  In the final story the Space Cabbie has a package that must be kept cool or else it will explode, but there is a decent ending here and one that can be expected from the Space Cabbie.  Overall this issue was all right, but still was weak in parts.  The Space Cabbie stories are shaping up to be the best of the lot here.    

Posted by SC

Awwwh Nova  Scotia. Oh and no wonder you are such a big Space Cabbie fan!  Great review Tam. 


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