razzatazz's Mystery In Space #24 review


The first story here is kind of a funny one and makes up for its lack of plausibility with its lightheartedness.  It features the Space Cabbie who must hitchhike to Jupiter to pick up his cab, but he runs into numerous problems along the way.  The next story is not as good, its about a group of bird like humanoids that kidnap humans because they are fascinated by them.  The next page has some information on historical comets.  The next story is one which is not even really all that science fiction related except for the setting as a man goes to Jupiter and is mistaken for a criminal.  There follows a fact sheet on novas and degrees of scale within the solar system and the another information sheet on mysteries in space.  In the final story Bert Brandon must visit a planet and stop a duel from occurring.  Overall a better than average issue, especially with the first story.  


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