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Appearing regularly in Planet Comics during the late 1940's. In her 1945 origin story, she is the "sole possessor of the scientific knowledge of the universe." The story goes, she was given that knowledge by a scientist, Dr. Kort, in his moon laboratory. The good doctor then conveniently died, leaving Mysta alone on the moon. There, accompanied only by her faithful robot who obeys her telepathic commands, she attempts to bring peace and culture to the universe.

At first Mysta was drawn by artist Fran Hopper as a blonde, but later artists gave her silver hair, as benefited her association with our silvery satellite.

By 1948, Mysta had left the moon for the Earth and a more traditional superhero situation. Posing as "technician grade three" Ana Thane, Mysta was now working for the Safety Council, saving the planet.

Created by...

Ross Gallun.

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