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Myrna is an artist and a friend of Alicia Masters and later Lyja. She and her fellow artists of Athenville, New York were recruited by Project:Survival. The project considered that nuclear war was inevitable and that no location on Earth would be safe from its effects. So they worked for a decade to build a giant spaceship which would house the best and the brightest mankind had to offer as they escaped the doomed planet.

When the newlywed Human Torch and Lyja (posing as Alicia) came visiting Myrna, she gassed and captured them both. The Project Inner Council then tried to convince the captives to join them. But the Torch had a surprise for them. Tech , a member of the council, had been stealing nuclear weaponry from the United States Army. Tech had guards loyal to him arrest Myrna and the other Inner Council members. He then tried to use the nuclear missiles for the propulsion of the spaceship. The Torch escaped and prevented the launch.

Following the end of the Project, members became divided. Some worked on creating a new version of it. Myrna and others were convinced by Lyja that leaving Earth behind was a mistake. They should instead work on securing world peace and turning the planet to a better place.

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