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Myra Connely major in communications at college. Following graduation, she was employed as a production assistant at the KBEL television new. Her looks, brains and dilligence helped her advance to an on-air reporter. She and business colleague Vic Sage helped the news broadcasting become a ratings success.
Myra was up for promotion  as a network anchorwoman when she suddenly married Wesley Fermin, the Mayor of Hub City. The marriage surprised Sage as it would sidetrack Myra's career and Fermin was an alcoholic. Investigating, Vic found out what were the real circumstances of the marriage.
Fermin was a political puppet whose chances for re-election were not particularly good. The puppet-masters behind him thought that the marriage could provide the positive news coverage Fermin needed. To force Myra's hand, they had dug up a skeleton in her closet. She had an illegitimate daughter, Jackie, a mentally handicapped child. A threat to Jackie's life was all that Myra needed to accept the marriage contract. 
When Fermin died early, Myra was chosen to replace him for the duration of his term. At first not enthusiastic at becoming a politician, Myra soon used the office for a campaign against the crime and corruption in her city. Myra has her own secret actually. She was the one to kill Reverend Hatch, the primary puppet-master behind her husband. A secret only shared by Myra and Sage.
Following Infinite Crisis, Myra was seen still in office. Renee Montoya visited her to report Sage's death.

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