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Comics are Magic 0

from PureNerdNip writing for The Capeless CrusaderI know what you’re thinking. My Little Pony is probably the last book you’d expect to see me feature here; but with pre-order numbers over 90,000 more than a month in advance (to put that in perspective, last months Batman hit 148k total sales) and over a dozen varient covers, we couldn’t help but take notice! These are huge numbers for any book, let alone a #1; an all ages #1 no less. So how does this instant hit for IDW stack up?The story is le...

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Love Is Magic 0

Yup. That's right everyone. I bought it. I've seen maybe one or two episodes of the show, and I have to say that it's far better than it has any right being. But it's really good. But mainly I bought this as a late birthday present for a friend of mine that I have a huge crush on. I have to say, the most amazing thing about this issue was that, despite having been romantically rejected only two days prior to this actually coming in, it wasn't depressing in the least for me. This girl I like is b...

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Taking the ponies out of the stables and into free range! 0

Well can't say I didn't see this coming. When a property as famous the surprise hit, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, comes along naturally you're gonna get comic adaptations. Just surprised it took two years to make it happen but here we are. If your not much of cartoon watcher, the TV series is a revival of the toyline, "My Little Pony" which of course caters more towards girls. This iteration, headlined by the very creative Lauren Faust (whose credits include writing for and producing Pow...

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So much fun! 0

This was soooo much fun!! My favorite part was the background art, there was lots of little things happening in the background that I found so funny! And who doesn't love ponies lol. My favorite so far is Rarity!Illustrations: 5 starsStory: 3.5 starsOverall: 4 stars...

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!??!?!?!?! 0


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