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The Chief sends the Doom Patrol out into the ocean off of the coast of New York to rescue a U.S. submarine stuck on the ocean floor due to a smashed propeller. The crew of the sub are unable to fix it themselves because a gas has accumilated rendering all of them unconcious. Before they set off, The Chief gives them "the largest tank and mask ever built" and says he will explain its use to them later. When they get to the submarine Elasti-Girl increases her size dons the over-sized mask and tank, while Robotman and Negative Man gear up with normal size tanks and masks. They dive below and while Elasti-Girl replaces the broken prop with a piece of a giant sea-shell she carved up Negative Man releases an emergency supply of oxygen within the submarine. Before the rescue is finished a giant squid attacks Elasti-Girl and she fends it off with a torpedo she pulls from the submarine. After the Doom Patrol re-boards the boat Robotman mentions he must have been to busy to have seen the giant squid.

Immediately after, the Chief briefs the team on a town in northwest Canada that has been buried in snow slide and tells them it's their next destination. While Elasti-Girl is digging out the town Negative Man spots a snow beast but Robotman claims he doesn't see anything. Negative man takes out the Beast by colliding with a building used to store explosives near it. Once the Doom Patrol arrives back at there headquarters Robotman is accused of having something wrong with his brain since he could not see either of the monsters that attacked. Negative Man turns on the T.V. which is in the middle of a news report with Dr. Janus weighing in on his thoughts about the two monsters. Dr. Janus proposes that the two monsters were scouts from another dimension, a dimension that is planning to attack the Earth.

The Doom Patrol travels to Logan City, where similar monsters were spotted in the past, to find it completely abandoned. Negative Man spots graffiti on an old toothpaste poster, giving the person using the toothpaste a mustache and goatee. Checking with the picture of Dr. Janus he draws a mustache and goatee on the picture. The Chief recognizes the altered picture of Dr. Janus as Josef Kreutz who worked with Hitler. The Chief suggests Dr. Janus/Josef Kreutz is causing the appearance of the monsters with a form of radio-waves and Robotman is unaffected due to his steel-jacketed brain.

Kreutz in fact is doing exactly what the Chief believes, and announces that the invasion will take place at a crater site. Kreutz plains to fake the invasion then pretend fending of the monsters to win fame and respect from the people of Earth. When the first monster appears at the crater site Robotman walks up to it to show the gathered crowd it is an illusion and cannot hurt him. Although Robotman is completely safe the crowd sees the image of him being destroyed by the monster. Fooled by this illusion Elasti-Girl expands and attacks the monster, although she falls under another illusion and ends up attacking Robotman. Robotman breaks away from Elasti-Girl's grip and crabs a electrical wire and thrusts it into the illusion interrupting the radio waves and showing the crowd it is an illusion after all. Negative Man quickly subdues Josef Kreutz and turns him over to the authorities while Robotman crushes Kreutz's radio device.







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