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In the latest issue of the way-out miniseries, Garbage Man flings a Dino-man by the tail, while Tanga tears off a piece of Za – the despot, that is, not the food! Plus: the origin of Robotman!

Robotman: Uncanny Valley Part 4- Robotman and Maddy Rouge are are hot on the trail of Dr. Turing, and the only thing between them an answers is a giant, nano-virus infected monster. While Robotman repairs the damage from being tossed like a rag doll by the latest monster, Maddy makes a dash for a bunker. While repairing Robotman thinks back to the accident that transformed him from flesh and blood to the metal hero he is today.

Garbage Man: Dream Monsters-Garbage Man fights off a dinosaur like lizard in the sewer, only to learn that the monster appears whenever one of Reverends congregation members falls asleep. Garbage Man, also thinks that this man the Reverend is describing may a victim of the same evil scientist that made him. The Reverend and Garbage Man's discussion is cut short when he hears Samantha yelling for help. The two are in time to save Samantha and some other homeless people for a second monster attack. When Garbage Man kills this one, a homeless man appears from the shadow begging Garbage Man to kill him before he creates an other monster. Meanwhile, Charles Haden is murdered.

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