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When Batman goes hunting for answers Garbage Man might be able to provide, things start to look up for the toxic man. Meanwhile, Robotman follows a zombie trail from Zanzibar to a strange island filled with even stranger creatures, and Tanga encounters an alien monster that might be too much even for her!

Robotman: Uncanny Valley Part 2- Robotman is in Havana Cuba, looking for Dr. Turing, and is being attacked by Zombie like people covered in infected rice. He is able to get away by detaching his head and leaving his body behind as a distraction. He learns that the rice is infected by a nano virus that uses moisture to activate. He uses this knowledge to subdue the infected people and after briefly powering up he fallows Dr. Turing's trail to Zanzibar. When he arrives he is attacked and swallowed by a giant snake, that has been altered by the Nano virus

Garbage Man: Beauty and the Bat- Garbage Man has made it back to Gotham City, and has met up with his old friend the Reverend. The two arrange a meeting between Samantha and Garbage Man. Garbage Man explains, from the shadows, to Samantha that he is really Richard Morse, Samantha's old boss and friend. She doesn't be-leave him, but when he recounts the day he gave her the pennant that she is currently wearing she comes around. She will help him but first she wants to see his face. When she does she cries and runs away. Garbage Man tries to chase her but, he is blind sided by the Batman, who has been tracking him down since the Swamp. Meanwhile, one of the Reverends congregation is attacked by a dinosaur in the sewers.

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