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Plot Summary

This issue of My Greatest Adventure contains the following three stories:

  • We Discovered the Edge of the World!
  • I Was a Prisoner in the House of Secrets!
  • I Tracked the Nuclear Creature!

It also features the following comic strip:

  • Moolah the Mystic

We Discovered the Edge of the World

When a small group of soldiers tasked on a meteorological survey fly through a mysterious mist they find themselves in a strange new place. Originally in awe of their fantastical new surroundings they quickly learn that it's inhabitants are not welcoming. Attempting to escape back to their home they must battle a band of Giants in the fight of their lives.

I Was a Prisoner in the House of Secrets

Scientists use test subjects to study all sorts of things; however, Professor Jan Albright isn't used to being a subject himself. After he and two of his close friends, Dan and Marie Cary, enter a strange house they find themselves trapped. As a part of a mysterious test the group must find their way out, armed only with their wits and instinct.

I Tracked the Nuclear Creature

Addington Jones has seen a wide variety of creatures throughout his lifetime of being a big game hunter and a scientist; however, he's never seen anything like the Nuclear Creature. A strange plant/animal hybrid, the Nuclear Creature begins hunting Addington who must work fast if he wishes to escape with his life.

Moolah the Mystic

Moolah the Mystic performs a wide variety of endurance feats to wow the crowds, but how does he fair at the beach?

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