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The adventures of Garbage Man and Tanga from WEIRD WORLDS continue – and now, these offbeat heroes are joined by the Robotman, who has a disturbing knack for self-destruction!

Robotman: Uncanny Valley Part 1- After stopping a rogue unmanned stealth battle ship off the coast of California, Robotman is hired by Mrs. Turing to find her brother Dr. Turing, who was last seen in Cuba. Once Robotman arrives in Cuba he goes to Dr. Turing's last know whereabouts a restaurant in Havana. Once he gets there his attacked by zombie like people covered in somehow infected rice.

Garbage Man: Crossed Roads- Garbage Man lies exhausted on the banks of a river remembering life before being transformed into Garbage Man. He remembers being Richard Morse, and being told by his wife Catherine that she is filing for divorce. He remembers talking to his only true friend Samantha. Meanwhile back in Gotham Samantha is approached by the Reverend, a homeless man who meet Garbage Man earlier. The Reverend gives Samantha a note that says, "Garbage Man is alive. Trust no one. He will be in touch." Samantha tries to catch the Reverend but he disappears into the crowd. Unknown by Samantha, her boss is watching her, debating with Silver over killing Samantha, for knowing too much. Back at the river back Garbage Man musters enough strength and realizes he is back in Gotham. He then enters the sewer and finds the Reverend to ask him for help.

Tanga: Restrained- After the events in Weird Worlds Tanga heads to see Za and discuss the creatures that have been attacking. But when she get there she learns Za and P'Nigh have other plans for Tanga. Za wants Tanga to be obedient to him and Tanga wants to break Za's neck. She is going to do such but P'Nigh informs her that another creature is running ramp it on Cammera. Tanga is the bigger alien and leaves to fight the creature, but when she gets there she finds her self paralyzed. She is forced to watch the creature eat the inhabitants and what worse she can feel her power filling up inside and if she can't move soon she will explode.

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Doom Patrol?... 0

The Good: The cover is pretty great. Everyone's space is equally balanced out, but used in different ways that themsleves balance each other out. It's quite nice. Scott Kolins is on top of his game here. Sometimes his style can get a little rough and raw for my tastes, but he's done a much cleaner job with his artwork this time around. The coloring especially is really nice, crafting some great detail in Robotman's colors, even though they're mostly just bronze. The twists to Robotman's status q...

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The Uncanny Valley of Awesome 0

It's amazing that is book introduced 3 characters in a single issue, granted it's 50% bigger, it's still more and better than most of new books have done with their first issues. Not only does it do a great job at introducing 3 characters but it tells 3 stories and all 3 are well done and I love 2 of the 3 characters after these brief showings.Sidenote: The writer of Mister Terrific needs to read the first story of this book. Robotman is how that book should be written....

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