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As a child, Ameya had always considered his cat more a sibling than a pet. As the years went by, their bond grew ever tighter. But the day his feline "brother" died was the day Ameya withdrew from the world. Several years later, Ameya encounters a drenched stray cat in the park. Little does he know what fate has in store for him...

Have you ever loved a pet so much that they became human to you? As a child, Ameya saw his cat as someone more than pet: a brother. As the years went by, their bond grew ever tighter. But the day his "brother" died was the day Ameya withdrew from the world. Now, several years later, a park in the pouring rain after an argument with his agent was the last place the once-prolific artist Ameya thought he'd find himself. Little did he know what fate, in the form of a drenched stray cat that resembled his beloved "brother," had in store for him. What follows after Loki's arrival, along with support and encouragement by Miss Chacha, is a series of often-colorful events. From vet visits, sunbeam snoozing/day­dreaming, fishing, and dust bunny and bird chasing, to falling in love, first dates, car trips and the grand finale of an Art Gala, Ameya and Loki's growing bond is continually tested and strengthened. What complicates matters is that Ameya begins to personify Loki and see him as a human, not a cat. This does help jumpstart his art again, but it also causes a fair amount of chaos and the occasional questioning of Ameya's mental stability. However, it is through this somewhat unorthodox relationship that Ameya regains the love and inspiration he thought he'd lost. The bond between owner and pet is an interesting and complicated one, and it will be explored fully as Ameya begins to leave his self-imposed isolation and Loki learns to trust and love again.







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