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Michael van Patrick was a great athlete, but lost his scholarship once the press revealed that his great-grandfather was Dr. Abraham Erskine, the man who created the super soldier serum. Even after repeated tests that all came up negative for any foreign substances, his scholarship would not be granted to him. They even talked about making him give his medals back.


MVP made his first appearance in Avengers Initiative #1 in 2007. He was created by Dan Slott and Stefanio Caselli.

Character Evolution

Michael was recruited for the Avengers Initiative. Taking up the codename MVP, Michael established himself as one of the most capable young heroes of the Initiative, and begins to express some feelings for the shy and self-conscious Cloud 9. During a training exercise however, MVP's teammate Trauma's powers accidentally cause Armory to lose control of her powers, and MVP is killed while pushing Cloud 9 out of the way. Dr. Pym is called to the lab where Von Blitzschlag informs him and Gyrich of MVP's anatomy--instead of being enhanced by the Super Soldier Serum as everyone believed, he is an honest to goodness "uber mensch" the ultimate human specimen. Von Blitzschlag states that "every cell in his body is perfection".

MVP was accidentally killed by Armory.

After the incident, no one in the Initiative could tell of what had happened to MVP. In an attempt to make more soldiers to occupy the Initiative, Hank Pym (Skrull), Baron Von Blitzschlag, and Henry Gyrich decided to clone MVP from his dna. Three Clones where made whom later joined the Initiative as the Scarlet Spiders.The clones were named Michael, Van, and Patrick and were given the Stark Spider-Man Armor that Spider-man wore during the Civil War. They think of Baron as there "Father". Later it was revealed that the Baron made another clone of MVP and put him in Kentucky with his father so he wouldn't find out about the accident that killed his real son. One other clone was made, but he became the lethal K.I.A. During a confrontation with K.I.A., the first clone (re-code named MVP), whom has been living with his father helped defeat K.I.A. with the New Warriors led by Justice.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Physiology: All of his body functions are at near-superhuman level. Peak Human Strength, Peak Human Speed, Peak Human Agility, Peak Human Stamina, Peak Human Reflexes, Peak Human Senses

The secret to MVP's exceptional physical condition is rigorous exercise and a healthy diet.

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