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The team was formed by Adam Kane (John Shea), a geneticist who used to work for Genomex. He now serves as the leader, tactician and moral center of Mutant X. It was his experiments that inadvertently created the hundreds of New Mutants. It is now his responsibility to save these innocent victims of society. It can be argued that he may be the smartest man alive, but he is not a New Mutant.    


A mutant is a being who display or born with certain variety of abilities from an average person. However, these so-called New Mutants were created as a result of genetic engineering. Due to their altered genetic structure, the Mutants were born and able to display their own different powers. Since the mutants were born with powers in the X-Men comics, the television series only show these Mutants who were given their powers rather than naturally. But the main Mutant X heroes discovered their second mutation which would indicate that they are evolving Mutants. 


 Adam Kane
Adam Kane is the smartest man alive who later became the strategist, tactician and the moral center of Mutant X. It was Adam's research and responsibility for creating the Mutants in the first place. Now, Adam sends his own Mutant X team to help and search for other new mutants. In the season two finale, Adam was presumed to be killed. Later, he was revealed to be a human clone of the original Adam Kane.   
 Mason Eckhart
Mason Eckhart is the leader of the Genetic Security Agency (GSA). He's the one who hunts down the new Mutants for his conscience and his country. Mason blames Adam for the failed experiment that requires him to be forever insulated in an impermeable artificial skin. He hated the New Mutants that their powers grew everyday and stronger since the Mutant X team exists.

New Mutants

 Shalimar Fox
Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt) possesses both human and Feline DNA, giving her the strength, speed and cunning of a jungle cat. She is a cougar-like Feral who has the most common Feral weakness, an intense and heightened fear of fire. She is also prone to the form of hypnosis. Her Feral abilities were enhanced during a "secondary mutation'" within her genes during the show's first season, giving her superhumanly strong senses. 

 Jesse Kilmartin
Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March) has the ability to alter his body's density, enabling him to pass through walls or to become as completely solid as stone. He is limited to about 30 seconds as an intangible state (or else risk not being able to reintegrate) and can only stay supersolid for as long as he can hold his breath. As a result of his secondary mutation, his powers were augmented so that he could also make any object he touched intangible or as supersolid as he was, allowing others to pass through the object or be as invulnerable as well. Though he initially was seen fighting in supersolid state, he eventually seemed to be less mobile in that form, perhaps due to the fact he significantly increased his mass. Jesse is the only known New Mutant to have surpassed his "Expiration Date".

 Brennan Mulwray
Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster) is an Electrical Elemental who can generate extraordinary amounts of electricity and control its direction and flow. His energy blasts are usually referred to as Tesla Coils. He can also use his powers to disturb electronic-based machinery, open electronic locks, and electrocute computer systems. He can also restart them by charging them with a definite amount of electricity. His primary weakness is water. His secondary mutation allowed him to charge up his electrical powers into powerful energy jets from his palms, which if fired downward, could launch him high into the air. 

Emma deLauro
Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith) is a Tele-Empathic Psionic New Mutant. She is able to read the emotions and feelings of others, alter them and broadcast her own emotions. Her secondary mutation gave her Psionic Blasts that she could fire from her forehead at her opponents, knocking them unconscious, erasing memories or even killing them upon impact. Her powers expanded in range and scale as Season 2 progressed, allowing her to broadcast emotions to a much wider range, though she could not isolate targets when doing this. She could also shoot Psionic Starbursts and Psionic Shockwaves. Emma died in the explosion at Naxcon (Nick Fox's company). 

 Lexa Pierce
Lexa Pierce (Karen Cliche) was the first member of the original Mutant X, but was unknown until Emma's death and Adam's disappearance. She has also worked for Eckhart at Genomex and The GSA and then for The Dominion before rejoining Mutant X. Lexa is a Chromatic and can bend light around her to become invisible, project flashes of light to momentarily blind others and focus light into laser beams which she can shoot from her fingers to wound or kill her enemies. There is a time limit on Lexa's invisibility which means that she cannot stay invisible for long periods of time and while she's invisible, her heat outline can be seen with infra-red goggles or by Feral Vision. After Emma died during the start of the show's third season, Lexa joins the team and sets herself up as the new leader. She did this at the behest of a mysterious organization known as The Dominion which was secretly manipulating everything within the lives of The Mutant X Team for their own reasons. Although many times disgusted over their orders for her, Lexa was forced to comply, as she believed they held vital information to the whereabouts of her long-lost twin brother, Leo Pierce. Eventually, Lexa had to kill her brother after his powers went out of control. Lexa wounded Leo with a laser and he died in her arms.


Genomex, formerly known as The Breedlove Foundation, is a biotech company dedicated to genetic research. Their employees include some of the top scientific minds in the world and it was these people who created New Mutants. The victims of their experiments fall under four categories: Elemental, Feral, Molecular, and Psionic. Genomex understood perfectly what their experiments would do but their subjects were kept in the dark, though the late Dr. Paul Breedlove did try to warn them.


When New Mutants began appearing in the news, Mason Eckhart, head of security set up The Genetic Security Agency (GSA). Their mission was to recapture New Mutants for further genetic testing. Under Eckhart's command, their ranks included human agents and a minority of New Mutants. His second in command changed weekly, most ending up in stasis pods as instant demotion after a failure. He is killed in a confrontation with Mutant X in the opening of the final season over the presumed deaths of Adam and Emma.

Patient Zero

 Gabriel Ashlocke
While most New Mutants' abilities fall under one category, Gabriel Ashlocke, (a.k.a. Patient Zero), the first and most powerful of all New Mutants had the combined abilities of all four classes: Elemental, Feral, Molecular, and Psionic. As a child, Ashlocke killed his parents with his New Mutant powers. He was the first New Mutant that Adam worked on and the subdermal governors and stasis pods used by The GSA were developed by Adam because of him. With help from The Strand, Gabriel was released from stasis, defeated Eckhart, and replaces him as the series' main antagonist for Mutant X's second season. While Eckhart's goal was to destroy New Mutants, Ashlocke wishes to empower them to conquer the world. Ironically, having the same New Mutant Genes within him, his glory proves to be his downfall as the sheer amount of power that he wields literally tears him apart at a molecular level, despite his best efforts to stop the process from happening. Gabriel had powers such as force field creation, telekinesis, mind control, gravity manipulation , telepathy, remote illusion casting, energy pulse projection, Psionic Blast, intangibility, Feline strength, speed, reflexes, durability, leaping ability, Feline Physiology, and enhanced, heightened senses.

New Mutant Classifications

New Mutants are categorized into four different groups (Elementals, Ferals, Moleculars, and Psionics) depending on their abilities. 

Feral are New Mutants with a combination of animal and human DNA, allowing them to use the abilities of the animal DNA within them. Different types of Ferals include Feline, (who possess cat, tiger, lion, puma, leopard or cheetah DNA); Ursines, (who possess bear DNA); Canines (who possess dog, wolf, or coyote DNA); Reptuses, (who possess lizard, snake, alligator, crocodile, or turtle DNA) ; Porcines, (who possess pig, boar or hog DNA); Bovines, (who possess cattle, buffalo, bison, or yak DNA); Cervines, (who possess deer DNA); Amphibians, (who possess frog, toad, salamander, or newt DNA); Piscis, (who possess fish DNA), Insectums, (who possess insect or arachnid DNA); and Aves, (who possess bird DNA). Although the tenth type is extremely rare.

Elemental are New Mutants with the ability to channel, project and control different types of energies through their bodies. Different types of Elementals include Electricals, (who can absorb and channel electrical energy): Thermals, (who can absorb and control fire or cold); Sonics, (who can control sound waves); Chemicals, (who can project chemical substances, such as acids, from their bodies); Botanicals, (who control and manipulate plants); and the extremely rare Geologicals, (who control earth).

Molecular are New Mutants who manipulate their body structure and molecular density in various ways. Some Moleculars possess more than one ability. Moleculars abilities include Intangibility, (the ability to pass through solid objects); Impervious, (the ability to increase their mass so they’re invulnerable to projectile weapons); Invisibility, (the ability to project an aura that renders them invisible); Propulsive, (the ability to move at high speeds); Gravitative, (the ability to manipulate gravity); Chromatics, (the ability to change color, light and shades like a chameleon); Stasis Suspension, (the ability to slow down time); Replication, (the ability duplicate solid objects); Elasticity, (the ability to change their shape or size; extremely rare); Teleportation, (who can teleport anywhere they desire); and Regeneration; (the ability to heal and repair tissue and limbs).

Psionic are New Mutants who have heightened mental abilities. Different types of Psionics include Telepaths; (who can read other people's thoughts); Telekinetics, (who can move solid objects with their minds), Tele-Empaths, (who can feel and to various degrees, manipulate, the emotions of others); Tele-Cybers, (who can mentally connect with machines and control them); Precognitives, (who are able to receive visions); Illusionists, (who can create and project illusions to other people); Astrals, (who can project consciousness elsewhere); Pain Synthesizers, (who can project pain into others); and Multi-Dimensionals, (who can create dimensions).

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